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Chapter 3 - Page 54
Chapter 3 - Page 54

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Nontraditional - A HeartGold Nuzlocke

A simple HeartGold Nuzlock. With cheeky Pokemon and depressing humor. 8D Enjoy. Rules: 1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead. 2. All Pokemon must be named. 3. Only one Pokemon can be caught/hatched per route/city. 4. No duplicates.



Greetings and salutations everyone! I hope you all are doing well and continue to do so. I'm sorry for the lapse in updates on Nontraditional, there have been several problems in the family that I've had to deal with including the death of my dog just this past Monday. After her death I've been in kind of a haze, I admit. Just sort of going through the day without really going through it. I had partially colored the next page as well but when I started to want to do things I realized the page was hardly good enough and needed to be fixed.

And...this is where the oops part comes in. I can't find my tablet pen to save my life. I've looked under couches and in bags and cracks and drawers and I can't find it! I don't have the money for a new pen or a new tablet so I'm kind of stuck right now. I don't even have a working scanner to post sketches of pages up.

Hopefully I'll be able to find it soon and we can get back into the gym fight. Until then, I thank you for your patience!

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