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Name: Reborn
Trainer: Eli
Status: Alive
Caught: New Bark Town;Level 5
Nature: Bold;Strong willed
Hobbies: Play fighting. Setting people on fire.

Sarcastic and quick witted, Reborn isn't one to sit idly by. He may seem a bit on the lazy side but he knows how to fight. He can be a bit harsh but that's only because he knows how cruel the world can be. Not much is known about him at this time.

Name: Minerva
Trainer: Eli
Status: Alive
Caught: Route 29;Level 2
Nature: Hasty;Loves to eat
Hobbies: Reading.

Bio: Minerva is the youngest of three. Born a runt, she was overlooked when her brothers were picked to be gym Pokemon. Her mother and father are both famous, and the pressure to live up to her father's status weighed on her so much it caused her to have a mental breakdown. She's a runaway and though she fears confronting her past, she's actually happy to have this new future presented to her. Minerva is tactical and values brain over brawn.

Name: Mekeal
Trainer: Eli
Status: Alive
Caught: Route 46;Level 3
Nature: Impish;Quick to flee
Hobbies: Meditating

Bio: Mekeal is the youngest of four children. He was a complete mama's boy and a pacifist at heart. Because of his peaceful ways, his found himself shunned by his father. One day he was visited by Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. These three Pokemon granted him an important role. To find the Destined One and protect them at all cost. They gave him two gifts. An orb with the power to heal and their own feathers that held power to glance into the future, to see where his path needed to take him. In the dead of night he left his home and began training as a shaman as he journeyed across Kanto to Johto in search of the Destined One.

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